Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome to Palisades

Welcome to Palisades!

Our primary goal is stewardship of the entire Rimrock/Palisades/Indian Canyon area, including all public lands within the approximate boundaries of Sunset Hwy on the South, Riverside State Park on the North and East, and Airway Heights on the West.

This includes trail planning and maintenance, park advocacy with regard to City Parks issues, involvement with the various agencies assisting in fire management, periodic cleanup activities, and a helpful, watchdog approach to all park users -- i.e. friendly toward non-trashers, non-poachers, non-dealers.

We also want to spread the teachings of the "Leave No Trace" Outdoor Ethics program, both within our own area and by reaching out to other user groups to help work toward having clean, sustainable public lands everywhere. We hope you'll join us.

If you live in this area, or are intersted in conservation of our park, please follow our blog and check in periodically to see what's happening in the club.

We'll be having a Christmas Party in December, so stay tuned for information.

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