Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Best Damn Chili Contest

Time to begin your preparation for the Chili or Dessert that will bring you the coveted "Best Damn Chili or Delicious Dessert on the Rimrock" certificate!

Check out Chris Hicks here, our neighborhood chili challenger, with his "Secret Ingredient". It hasn't killed us yet, so it must be edible.

Will it surpass long time winner Craig Volosing who raised over $700 on his one hot pot last year? Or, will it beat the crowd taste fave--Justin Holbrook's "Hawaiian Delight"? Hawaiian chili? Who could have known it would taste so good?!?

If you want to compete against these and others, be sure to choose a fun name for your chili or dessert, we will have cards available for you to write your unusual name--make it good--sky's the limit. (And we certainly won't complain if you want to vote for your own or better yet, bring your crew to vote for you! Donations to your pot will decide the winner!!)

We're going to have Palisades Trail Maps available for those who'd like one and we'll provide coffee, bowls and utensils. Bring whatever else you would like to drink and $'s for votes!

Plan to be there Saturday March 20th at 6pm 813 N Grove Rd...Look for the sign.

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Linda said...

I attended last year and it was a lot of fun. There were so many different kinds of chili!! It was great. Same with the desserts. I'm glad there's a contest for them, too. When you vote, you do so with money, so bring some cash--it's a great cause.